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I lead new program development at the Mozilla Foundation, raising money and building programs to empower people through the open web. I joined Mozilla in 2011 to help oversee its portfolio of media projects—tools for filmmakers like Popcorn Maker and popcorn.js, the Knight Mozilla news fellows, and a number R&D projects.

I am the founder and co-director of the Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference,  a multidisciplinary think tank about civilian UAVs and DIY drones. It’s a law and policy conference featuring a heavy dose of future shock.

I teach at the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program: Video and the Open Web and The Connected Documentary. Previously, I created and facilitated a course called The Politics of Piracy at UC Berkeley’s School of Information, and volunteered at San Quentin State Prison helping inmates earn high school equivalency.

As part of the US Ignite gigabit apps initiative, I have been helping create a culture of experimentation around the future Internet. I managed and served as Principal Investigator on a Mozilla-NSF project to bootstrap and build applications that show off what’s possible on next generation networks. I currently sit on the board of directors of the US Ignite organization.

Open Video Alliance

I ran a coalition dedicated to promoting free and open technologies, policies and practices in online video. I built capacity for the open video movement through initiatives like Let’s Get Video on Wikipedia and the Filmmaker Summit at Slamdance.

Open Video Conference

I am the director of the Open Video Conference, a two-day summit of thought leaders to explore the future of video on the web. 2009 / 2010 / 2011

Students for Free Culture

I served on the board of directors and led the organization of the national conference in 2008 and 2010.

iCommons video policy project

I led a research and advocacy program to mobilize technology and policy actors in Brazil, India, and the United States toward a more participatory online video medium.


Hi, I’m Ben. I lead new program development at Mozilla and teach at NYU ITP. Director of the Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference. Co-founder of the Open Video Alliance and the Open Video Conference.

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