Ben’s 2016

Twenty sixteen: the year of Trump; the first swing of a wrecking ball that could demolish the liberal world order. It was also the year we discovered an Earth-like planet orbiting our nearest star. Might not be too early to start saving for the trip. In January, I hosted a meeting on Video & the […]

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New mission

After more than five years, I’m transitioning to become a volunteer Mozillian. Working at Mozilla Foundation was a dream come true. As an open internet advocate, I could not imagine a better place to advance those values. When I joined, the Foundation was mostly a non-profit legal entity housing the Firefox product. Mark Surman invited […]

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Hi, I’m Ben. I’m a public interest technologist and instigator. I lead development for R&D and innovation at the International Rescue Committee. Exploring the recently possible . Former open web booster

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