The irony of the internet freedom agenda

I wrote a piece for Quartz Ideas on irony and tragedy of Hillary Clinton, architect of the internet freedom agenda, and the prospects of a “splinternet”: The open internet, she suggested, could help open up closed societies and support the “peace and security that provide a foundation for global progress.” (…) Seven years later—and in […]

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Hit refresh on high school civics

I wrote a piece for Quartz Ideas on the need to overhaul high school civics: To holistically prepare this new generation for life in an open society, what’s needed is a new model for high-school civics; one that integrates American history and government, critical thinking, media literacy, and digital literacy. The goal of such education […]

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Hi, I’m Ben. I’m a public interest technologist and instigator. I lead development for R&D and innovation at the International Rescue Committee. Exploring the recently possible . Former open web booster

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