Would you leave the walled garden? Internet.org UX in images

Internet.org justifies itself as a development project, for people like “poor fishermen” who are new to the internet or can’t afford it. But according to some accounts, that’s just not the profile of who’s using the service. In India, as many as 80% of internet.org users are already familiar with the broader mobile internet, but […]

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Now’s the time for collaborative video on Wikipedia

This post outlines one step toward bringing collaborative video editing to Wikipedia.  For years, the idea of a video-rich Wikipedia has animated free knowledge advocates, public media, and educators. But the technical complexity involved in enabling collaborative video editing has always put this promise just out of reach.  Today, many of the key blockers to […]


Hi, I’m Ben. I lead new program development at Mozilla and teach at NYU ITP. Director of the Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference. Co-founder of the Open Video Alliance and the Open Video Conference.

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