L’amour, plus fort que la haine

In an old cover, a Charlie Hebdo cartoonist is drawn in passionate, loving embrace of an Islamic extremist. ”Love is stronger than hate” reads the headline. I’ve no doubt that extremists would be appalled by this symbolic invitation to modernity, tinged with in-your-face homosexuality that only serves to inflame their retrograde sensibilities. And that’s the […]

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Ben’s 2014

Twenty fourteen: a cold dawns over the social reality of a connected world. The year of outrage spread thick. Slate did a magnificent interactive piece that will really drive this home for you. I found myself and colleagues at the center at one point, confronting my own sense of social security & symbolism. I spent […]

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Hi, I’m Ben. I lead new program development at Mozilla and teach at NYU ITP. Director of the Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference. Co-founder of the Open Video Alliance and the Open Video Conference.

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